Continuous Improvement @ UCSF

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Welcome to, the website for Continuous Improvement at UCSF. This site contains resources for UCSF campus employees interested in becoming involved with continuous improvement efforts.


What is Business Process Improvement?

All of us see or touch business processes every day that we feel do not work well or imagine could work better. BPI is a means by which we can leverage our ideas for concrete operational changes to improve processes and add value for customers. UCSF's Business Process Improvement follows a five-step model that empowers small and medium-sized work groups to define, assess, and improve inefficient business processes. Using the resources provided on this site, UCSF teams can work autonomously to improve specific operations.

Who can use this website?

The resources on this site are intended for use by UCSF employees. Any unit or department may carry out a BPI project, provided that adequate time and resources have been allocated to ensure that the project can be executed effectively.

How to use this site

This site contains a variety of resources for UCSF employees wanting to learn more about BPI or to start their own project.

The UCSF BPI Toolkit – The core of UCSF’s BPI method, the toolkit comprises five sequential steps (Initiate, Explore, Improve, Implement, and Celebrate). On the “BPI Toolkit” page, you can download materials with detailed descriptions of how to work through each step as well as relevant templates. Be sure to read through all five steps before beginning your project!

Other Resources – The UCSF Program Management Office has compiled additional resources to assist in implementing BPI projects. These resources include a supplemental Facilitator’s Guide, list of project templates, glossary, FAQ, useful links and videos, and more.