Continuous Improvement at UCSF

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What is Continuous Improvement?

Many of us experience business processes every day that we feel do not work well or imagine could work better. Continuous improvement (CI) is a way to leverage our ideas for change to improve processes and add value. UCSF's continuous improvement approach follows a five-step model that empowers work groups to review, assess, and improve processes. Using the resources provided on this site, UCSF teams can improve specific operations.

Who can use this website?

The resources on this site are intended for use by UCSF employees. Any unit or department may carry out a continuous improvement project.

How to use this site

This site contains a variety of resources for about continuous improvement.

The UCSF CI Toolkit – The toolkit comprises five sequential steps: Initiate, Explore, Improve, Implement, and Celebrate. On the CI Toolkit page you can download materials with detailed descriptions of how to work through each step as well as relevant templates. Be sure to read through all five steps before beginning your project!